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What is The Creative Tour?

The Creative Tour is an initiative by Future By Lund together with The Creative Plot for entrepreneurs, with the mission to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurs to get going with developing their ideas; favorably over a fika and by coming out to you instead. Furthermore, The Creative Tour hopes to increase the amount of successful innovative companies/organisations in the region that are working towards a smarter society.

Last time the tour was out in 2016 (by the name Barcamper), we scouted 80 business ideas, had a participation rate of 55% women and a turnover of a dozen startups and companies from our Bootcamp that are still climbing the growth and scaleup ladder. This time around, we're coming back better than ever and feeling psyched to come out and meet you with our team and partners, both old and new!

Meet the Team

Why a smarter society?
A smart society & smart citizens.

If we were to reverse the question, why a dumber society? Without divulging too deeply into the issue, we know many parts of our own societies could and should always do better. But we can't solve everything by ourselves or by mindpower alone. More smart innovations are needed to create the next versions of truly sustainable cities.

Future By Lunds line of thought is that creating the right conditions for smart innovations will propel us faster towards that future. Many of our projects therefore depend on the notion of cross-fertilization, or put in layman terms, creatively putting people with different skill sets, resources and backgrounds together. For The Creative Tour we'll do it one fika at a time.

Because we believe in smart cities & smart citizens.

For us it really doesn't matter what you do, if your idea is big or small, if it's a hobby or a universal game changer - as long as you belive that your idea contributes to a smarter society, we want hear all about it. Our focus is to remove the complexity connected to idea development and support ideas who in one way or another contribute to a better and smarter society for all of us.

Therefore we invite anyone that identifies themselves as ideabearers and entrepreneurs or people in startups or small/medium companies who has great ideas in stock, to book an in depth session with our team or drop-in at our landing sites for an impromptu dialogue!

However, if you're unsure what a smart society idea might entail, it might fall into one of the following categories.

Tech Innovations
such as...

Digital Humans
Mobility & Logistics
Internet of Things
Digital Services
Industry 4.0
Digital Health

Creative & Cultural industries
such as...

Our future living spaces
Arts, Design & Communication
Human Centric Ideas
Music & Film
Slow Fashion

Social Innovations
such as...

Shared & Social economies
Circular business models
Sustainability Innovations

Meet the team of
The Creative Tour. 

Lars Mattiasson

Project leader The Creative Tour

Senior business coach and serial entrepreneur and disruptive thinker with focus on value driven entrepreneurship and sustainable business development. Many years of international experience from the area of fashion, design and the Creative and Culture Industries. Loves cross-over ideas and believes in co-creation.


+46 766 10 95 73

Jimmy Sok

Project coordinator The Creative Tour

Entrepreneur in the sustainability domain, musician and bachelor in business administration with focus on information technology. Co-founder of startup Hemmlis who works towards creating and shaping human spaces through sustainable service-design.


+46 737 797 697

Katarina Scott

Certified coach - Value driven development

Project leader and business coach at The Creative Plot.Economy, funding, value driven development, partner and relations, business modelling.

Hossein Lavi

Communications manager The Creative Tour

Communications manager and conceptual designer. Specialized in identity design and illustration with a human approach for branding and strategic visual communication with cross-industry experience and knowledge.

Anders Trana

IoT and digitalization strategist

Experienced leader in Innovation and Business Development. Focused on IoT and digitalization with a background in Telecom (+18 years). Particularly interested in the area that arises when challenges in business, strategy and technology meets. He likes to make things talk.

Our trusted network of investors!

Annette Melander Berg

Head of Growth Capital

Annette Melander Berg är VD och grundare till Lightfinder AB och har arbetat hela sitt yrkesverksamma liv med ledarskapsfrågor, marknadsföring och kommunikation i företag av olika storlek och i olika utvecklingsskeden. Annette är författare till boken ”Växtkraft – värdeskapande verktyg för chefer och entreprenörer”, samt ansvarig för Tillväxtkapital på Connect Sverige Region Syd.

Björn Englund

CEO and inv. manager at I Love Lund

Björn is founder and investment manager of I Love Lund, which invests in companies with a relevance towards the upcoming Golden Decades of Lund. Today’s start-ups will be unicorns of the future – and we want you all. Björn has many years of fund management, analysis and advisory experience. Björn loves squash, Markowitz, performance – and Lund.

Claudia Gottero

Executive Chairman at dPixel

Focused on open innovation. Designed the BioUpper format for the youth entrepreneurship in Life Science. Since 2007, she is a PhD school Professor at the Politecnico of Turin and she is also a SAA teacher for Master course at the University of Turin.

Gianluca Dettori

Executive Chairman at Primomiglio SGR

Dpixel co-founder. Serial entrepreneur. Advisor and evaluator on economic and financial themes for startups. Partner of Digital Investments, Seed and Venture Capital fund.

Jakob Nielsen

Business Developer

Jakob Nielsen är huvudcoach på E.ON :agile Nordic Acceleratorn och jobbar också som affärsutvecklare inom Connect Sverige Region Syd där han kopplar ihop entreprenörer med investerare. Jakob har en magisterexamen i organisation och ledarskap och beteendevetenskap och har bl.a. jobbat i ledande befattningar inom IKEA, American Express och som affärsutvecklingschef för uppstartsföretaget Orbital Systems och parallellt varit professionell DJ under 20 år.

Niccolò Sanarico

Venture Capital funder

Dealflow manager, tutoring and support for business plan preparation, advisory and mentoring for business planning and financial management. Chief of the dPixel dealflow.

Sven Johansson

Inv. manager at I Love Lund

Sven is co-founder of I Love Lund and focused on coaching, funding and development of its investment portfolio. He is a serial entrepreneur with 40+ years of experience of value driven and sustainable business development, last decades with emphasis on small companies and start-ups. Sven loves networking, performance – and Lund.

Thierry Baujard

International investor

Thierry Baujard is founder of Pan European Investment Network Media Deals focussing on cross border Mediatech investment. He is also CEO of peacefulfish, a consultancy specialised in the financing of the content industry.

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