Things you need
to know

Your personal info is safe with us

In accordance to GDPR we will handle your personal information with care. To be able to work together we need to keep contact and short information about things connected to you in the mentor program, which will also be used for research purposes. The information will not be combined or shared with others or a third party without your expressed agreement. For this project we are collaborating with Lunds University with the aim to improve and support the field of entrepreneurial research. After the project is finished, your data will be made impersonalised but still connected to the aformentioned research.

You idea is safe with us

Because of the need to share and talk about the idea there is a need of openness. We will therefore not sign an NDA in the first phase. Carefully examine how deeply you'll wish to share your idea with us to still feel comfortable. Should you qualify into the mentors program (also called "The Creative Bootcamp"), there will be further discussions about when NDA and formalia connected to IP will be relevant.

The chance of getting investments

We (The Creative Tour) as arrangers bring our network of investors along with us to the tour, but we can not guarantee you as a receiver of investment. During the tour we will facilitate these meetings and dialogues from the get-go, and thus help you to be ready and help to build the relations needed with the investors and their network. In the end however, the investment process or arrangement is solely a matter between you and the investor or investors.

The mentor program

We will choose a number of ideas to be part of a mentor program. The mentorprogram will be an acceleration of your business and the opportunity to grow and meet with business networks and investors. Through experience from earlier tours in Italy and Sweden we know that it's not only the idea that is key to success, it's also you. Therefore we will not just work with building your business but also you and your team. We also knows that one size does not fit all and that's why we're making the program tailormade for you as well. In essence, our mentorprogram is based on value driven entrepreneurship, your values, how your idea colours your business, go-to-market management and coaching. We will meet in the whole group (Bootcamp), in smaller groups, one-on-one meetings mostly online to faciliate schedule flexibility during the course of the program. See below for a preliminary schedule.

1. 25/5 Bootcamp. Value driven entrepreneurship
2. 29/5 Bootcamp. Effective presentation
3. 31/5 Bootcamp. Demolition day.
4. June date to be decided. Bootcamp + online coaching. Accelerated sales and go to market program.
5. September Creative Party.