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Stage 1:
The Creative Tour

As the first part of the program, Future By Lund will be setting up our landing sites at different locations in Lund, Malmö and Veberöd, bringing our international team of investors, business coaches and partners with us to hear and discuss your ideas for a smarter society.

Meeting with us at our landing sites could yield ideas, investment opportunities and feedback that entrepreneurs normally wouldn't have access or incentives to initiate. In-depth sessions with our team can be booked through our booking app. If you're feeling more casual, come by and have a chat with our staff at the sites anyway and see what unfolds!

The first length of the tour will start (2-4 of may)with a landing site being established at the offices of our partner Skånemotor, a company and place initated bylocal hero Johan Wester and his team, who wishes to muster different actors together to solve complex societal challenges. On day two we'll be heading out to team up with our partners at The Yes Way during their Yes Day, a one-day initiative devoted to female entrepreneurship and new ways to be an entrepreneur. Day three we'll be heading out to Malmö and land at Drivhuset Malmö, our meetingplace partner who helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas and business.

The second length of the tour and day four will start in Veberöd together with Byutveckling, a local network with the aim to stimulate business growth in Romelebygden. Coming day five, we'll be heading back to Lund and land at Akademiska Föreningen, a non-profit student organisation with the purpose of gathering and broadening the cultural aspect of studentlife at Lund University. During that day, we'll therefore have extra emphasis on ideas within the Creative and Cultural Industries, so come by if you fit the bill! Lastly on day six we'll be splitting our time between our own office at Skomakaregatan and Skånemotor.

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Worried about presenting your idea in English?
There's always Swedish speaking team members onboard with us.

Stage 2:
The Creative Bootcamp

Whilst we'll be giving feedback and the opportunity for direct investments to everyone who books a session with us, the best ideas after the tour enters The Creative Bootcamp stage, our second part of the program, for further development together with our experts, investors and guest lecturers.

By the end of May, these ideamakers will be enrolled in a tailor made mentorship and growth focused bootcamp consisting of both one-on-one meetings and digital workshops.

See our summary of the Bootcamp content below and be on the lookout for more information to come as we get closer!

Value driven entrepreneurship 

Values are the building blocks of lasting companies. By getting your business idea in line with you and your teams personal values, you're building a more resilient, fulfilling and lasting commitment to your company. These workshops will be curated by Katarina Scott, our inhouse expert on value-driven entrepreneurship.

Demolition Day

Falling in love with ones initial idea is usually great, but at times also comes with the less appealing side-effects of tunnel vision, market myopia or organisational blindness. Overlooking opportunities, risks and collaborations that could be vital to your success could happen if you're too invested and not prone to, atleast once in a while, kill your darlings. Gianluca Dettori, our italian business demolitions expert, will therefore help you by destroying your idea so you can reconstruct it better than it ever was during our Demolition Day.

Effective presentation techniques

Finding your own voice and story as it relates to your idea isn't always that easy. We know everyone is not a Steve (Jobs, mind you). While pitching infront of people with the power to turn you into a scared cat can be slightly intimidating for some, Claudia Gottero will teach you techniques for presentation that will sweep both the audience and your worries away and get you a step closer to full pathos.

Individual sales and go to market program

Sales have cringeworthy association to most people that we believe is abit misdirected. Why? Because selling is key for driving growth and longevity in companies and by knowing how to sell your idea to a real customer from day one, you are setting up better prospects for employing yourself in the long run and to work with your passion. With our sales and go-to-market program, we'll provide you with the tools and knowledge to spediate your idea to growth asap.

Because we believe in smart cities & smart citizens

For us it really doesn't matter what you do, if your idea is big or small, if it's a hobby or a universal game changer - as long as you belive that your idea contributes to a smarter society, we want hear all about it. Our focus is to remove the complexity connected to idea development and support ideas who in one way or another contribute to a better and smarter society for all of us.

Therefore we invite anyone that identifies themselves as ideabearers and entrepreneurs or people in startups or small/medium companies who has great ideas in stock, to book an in depth session with our team or drop-in at our landing sites for an impromptu dialogue!

However, if you're unsure what a smart society idea might entail, it might fall into one of the following categories.

Tech Innovations
such as...

Digital Humans
Mobility & Logistics
Internet of Things
Digital Services
Industry 4.0
Digital Health

Creative & Cultural industries
such as...

Our future living spaces
Arts, Design & Communication
Human Centric Ideas
Music & Film
Slow Fashion

Social Innovations
such as...

Shared & Social economies
Circular business models
Sustainability Innovations
and more...