Log 3: Starting The Creative Bootcamp

The time has come to initiate The Creative Bootcamp and present the ten ideas and teams that made it through.

With our expectations exceeded, we ended our scouting phase in Skåne with nearly 60 ideas coming in through our fika sessions and drop-ins that came to speak with our staff. It's been a thoroughly interesting time so far. And for all of you who made the daring move to initiate thoughts or progress in your entrepreneurial journey, kudos for coming by!

However, though we're more than jubilant that all of you took your time to speak with us, only ten ideas/teams have been selected the Creative Bootcamp which will initiate on this friday the 25th. Congratulations to those that made it! In this log, we're going to shortly summarise the participants names and ideas:

Jenny Lee


Currently at an idea level. Jenny is looking to develop a social curation market place called EDIT. The market place connects aspirational brands with like-minded consumers.

Nina Westlund

More Palette

Currently in the prototype phase. Nina and her startup is developing More Palette, which is a customizable and reusable makeup palette with a myriad of functionalities.

Adam Jonasson


Currently in the prototype phase. Adam's Adflow is a social marketing innovation that connects companies and consumers with discounts and benefits from tracking statistics that derives from mentions on social media.

Julia Bristulf


Currently up and running. Julia is offering alternative and sustainable produced bags that foregoes plastics and animal materials such as leather, replacing them with with more vegan and environmentally friendly materials and production methods.

Malin Lundmark


Currently up and running. Tordyvel and Malin offers functional and environmentally friendly midlayers that are suitable for urban as well as outdor life.

Mandie Lynn

Social Impact Revolution

Currently in a prototype phase. Mandie heads the Social Impact Revolution who are presently developing an educational program and tools for teachers to adress and connect sustainability for their students.

Jeanette Persson


Currently in the idea phase. Jeanette's idea is to offer her speech training and communication service through current technological platforms.

Jens Schubert

Micro-algae air purifier

Currently in the idea phase. Using micro-algae to filter out pollutants, Jens air purifier is a device aiming to increase the amounts of oxygen indoors and create more soothing environments.

Emelie Svensson


Currently in the prototype phase. Emelie started her brand two years ago with the ambition to produce apparel through a circular economy model, using locally sourced synthetic cotton.

Charlotte Rodenstedt

Historical city-app

Currently in the prototype phase. Charlotte introduced us to an app that shows how cities looked like 150-300 years ago with photography when you arrive at a GPS point.


For those that didn't make it to the Bootcamp, we'll be in contact with you onwards with suggestions on where to take your idea further. Stay tuned!


Jimmy Sok


Skomakaregatan 4

Date & time:

May 23, 2018